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Welcome to Vivian Greene's Website!

Most investments are based on an IPO, which show a lot of figures and promises. Ours are based on love, peace, purpose and change.

It delivers a financial return …and so much more.

Vivian’s art and writing has been published since she was 16 years old, when she won a National Press Award for an editorial on Brotherhood, and a statewide oratory contest at Gonzaga University.

Italy: 18 years - Began with 2 images, increased to 72 - Income $5000 to 25,000 per year

Japan: Initial advance $300,000
/ Gross Sales $60million

Seeking Partners to develop or expand these territories:
    - China
    - Japan
    - South America

Ask about our Spanish cards
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Estate Sales
See Stolen Kisses (click here)



Call us at 305-823-8282 or
email us for more information regarding these opportunities.

Invest in Love

Investment Opportunities

For 30 years Kisses has touched hearts around the globe with it’s message “All that is real is seen with the heart.” And we’re just beginning.

Beyond monetary donations, we contribute to worthy causes through our brand and business, thus giving unparalleled exposure and annuities. We help worthy causes carry out their good work in the world with an extra dose of love, creativity, and money. Something no brand has ever done before.

I read an article in the NY Magazine years ago about a knight named Ace Greenberg. It said his favorite book is the bible and Bear Sterns had tithed $20 million dollars that year. I sent him a KISSES card and flew to meet him on Wall Street within three days.

“Where are your figures?” he asked.

I sent him a photo like this with the inscription, “you asked for figures, here’s mine.”

Joking aside, we did the business plans, projections, P & L’s, and all the traditional requirements.

Photo GEORGE F. LEE / Honolulu Star Bulletin

Mayor Jeremy Harris tried to read the writing on designer Vivian Greene's dress. 03/25/2001

At the end of the day, it was a fabulous presentation – but we didn’t ask for enough money (at least $30 million dollars) to make it worthwhile for the underwriters.  Ace lead the way to some initial capitalization. And divine timing brought us to where we are now.

I went back to the drawing board. And I drew more Kisses, instead of plans.

But today we have something different. It is not an IPO, it is an
ILPO: an Initial Love Public Offering.

That’s it. We’re selling tangible art, and intellectual property, and licensing rights, and donations for which you receive an opportunity, gift, or we match your tax deductible donations with Kisses gift certificates.


Art investments

1971 Original art sold for $10
1973 Hadassah auctioned same art for $1000
1975 Kisses comic strip syndicated/ Strips and Prints in Bal Harbor Gallery $300 to $2500
1981 KISSES Baseball image art appraised at $150,000, purchased for $95,000 (appraisals available upon written request)
1999-2005 Average price per image $7500 -$15,000
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