If I Had a Father
by Vivian Greene

If I had a father
he'd be six feet tall
with salt and pepper hair
and a wonderful beard.

We'd have milk and cookies together
in the middle of the night
and he'd tell me how he hated school
and played hookey.

He'd be the president of a Big Company
and arrange for millions of dollars
to go to the poor.
We'd fly kites and ride horses on weekends
and he'd teach me all about classical music.
He'd play Beethoven's melody over and over and over
on our piano.

If I had a father
he'd love my mother and me
more than anyone could ever imagine.
He'd never do the dishes
and mismatch his socks.
and he'd always bring us flowers and could
fix anything that ever broke in the house.

He'd dislike my disco (to say the least!)
but could samba like nobody's business.
He'd protect me from harm, religion
and tapioca pudding, and he'd encourage me
to be the First Lady President
if I wanted.

If I had a father
he'd say nothing's impossible.
Maybe it's possible
I'll find a father.

Vivian Greene

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