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"Good Mourning"
By Vivian Greene
Paper, 79 pages   $12.95 *
* includes a free bookmark



"Good Mourning will uplift your soul and allow you to look at life and death differently"

--Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.
Author of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

"Out of your own hurt and loss comes a blessing for all of us. Thank you for "Good Mourning", Vivian Greene. You've given us an opportunity to turn from grief to growth."

--Rev. John Butcher
Universal Church of God

"Excerpts from "Good Mourning" have brightened my eulogies. . . I highly recommend it for those who grieve, and all who love."

--Rabbi Loring Frank
All Peoples Synagogue

"I read this book again and again. A true artist, Vivian Greene, paints with words."
--James King, Publisher, Seattle Times

"I am touched by the soulful movement of Good Mourning. It draws me the way Rumi does, and names boldly the right to the texture of life's cycles - all as honorable."
-- Susan Musumeci, M.A., MFCC, Transpersonal Therapist


"Good Mourning"
What Death Teaches Us About Life
By Vivian Greene

Book Review

"Good Mourning is a user-friendly book
for caregivers on the front lines."

---Joy Johnson, Publisher, Bereavement Magazine

"Good Mourning", By Vivian Greene
Reviewed by Joy John
First Appeared in Bereavement Magazine, March/April 1993
Reprinted with Permission

There are some people with whom you want to sit and talk over a cup of steaming, flavored coffee. Others invite you to strong tea. Vivian Greene is a lady with whom I'd like to share a bottle of champagne. Good Mourning is a wisdom book of free-form writing that speaks to the very beat within us when we grieve.

Vivian is the creator of the syndicated comic strip, "KISSES" ®. Tremendously successful from "ghetto kid to millionaires", life suddenly battered her around beginning with the death of her beloved Toby, the man who had loyally shared in her dreams and her life. Later, there was a near-fatal accident that dramatically changed her lifestyle.
"Good Mourning should be immortal,
like the vision and writing of Kahlil Gibran."
--- Robin David, London Broadcast

Then came a seminar where she heard that "missing someone is the absence of love," and that began Vivian's most difficult journey, the one inward. "It meant going through my fear of abandonment, of being alone, of not being worth loving enough to have this intimacy again... I embarked on an extended spiritual path."

This book is not religious. Yet it is intensely spiritual. Vivian dramatically tells her personal story in just four pages, and I don't think there is a griever who will not relate to her feelings. The rest of the book is filled with simple, wisdom-writings that can be read in one sitting, marked, re-read, pages removed, framed, thoughtfully placed in books and journals. They are powerful and they are encouraging. The best review is to give you a sample:

"Your heart and mine
are great lovers together
regardless of where we are."

"He goes not into emptiness
but to fulfillment.
And though some nights be fitful,
you rock the cradle of his body
to rest, to peace, to sleep,

until his awakening."

"Your happiness
now depends
on your life
not on his death."

"I love Good Mourning. Hopefully, it will show bereaved people that real love survives anything (especially death) and that this is only a temporary separation."
--- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Author of On Death and Dying

Good Mourning can be comfort for people loving someone who is terminally ill and for those in the depths of sadness after death. It's also a user-friendly book for caregivers on the front lines.

- Joy Johnson, Publisher, Bereavement Magazine

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PO Box 4700
Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Phone: (305) 823-8282

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