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Welcome to Vivian Greene's Website! 
'You can't buy love...but you can buy Kisses'

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"Stolen Childhoods"
"The Greatest Loss of All & A New Beginning" - click for the story...
             Robin Romano

Vivian Greene
Author, Artist, Speaker
“Let’s make money as well as making a difference in the world together”

Vivian Greene's success recipe:
Equal parts love, money and values. Mix Vigorously

"The Kisses Business"
 By Erica M. Rauzen, editor  Miami/South Florida Magazine

Vivian Greene jauntily walks into an office and drops a beige teddy bear on the desk. The curly haired bear is wearing a black lace teddy and carrying a red satin heart. "It's a 'Lets Have An Affair Bear'", Greene laughs. "Want her? Or a Kiss?"    
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"Artist Draws on Hope"
By Stephanie Kendrick  Honolulu Star Bulletin, May 2nd, 2000

When Vivian Greene asserts everything in life is a gift, it's not out of naivete. The creator of Kisses cartoons and greeting cards has maintained a grateful spirit despite experiencing a great deal of loss in her life.

She lost long-time love Toby Stone to cancer. She lost 18 years worth of work when Hurricane Andrew hit her Florida headquarters. And she lost virtually all of her remaining possessions in the process of shipping them to Hawaii. Her response? "I'm invincible. I have so much love in my life. What is the rest of this stuff?" 
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"Vivian Greene Taking Her Prosperity Message from Paper to Podiums"
By Margarita Drogowski, events editor

Vivian Greene walked down the hall in a flowing white dress, complete with silver sandals, looking more like an angel than a self-made millionaire - although she'd be more inclined to call herself a prosperity fairy.

She's on her way to tell a group of people (two doctors, a psychic, a news editor and artists) how "money can be their friend." But, many of these people already seem to have money. However, this isn't a "money seminar,", it's a "Prosperity Seminar."

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